Ken Wilber - Author/Philosopher

Fading Toward Enlightenment is pretty cool!


Bill Harris, Director - Centerpointe Research Institute

I receive several books each day, most of which I unfortunately just don't have time to read. Fading Toward Enlightenment, however - a beautiful and thought-provoking photo essay about a very personal spiritual journey - caught my eye. As it made the rounds of the office, everyone who read it was strongly moved.


Book of the Moment

This book is unlike anything I've ever read before. I ate it up. I couldn't put it down - and when I was forced to, I found my mind wandering back to what I had already read.


Wayne Lankford - Author of The Bike Path and Foster's Store

Fading Toward Enlightenment makes it real easy for me to find my path into a meditative state. I just fade right into it, dissolve away. Just emailing you about it almost makes me go under.


Alexandra Austin - Unsolicited Testimonial

Fading Toward Enlightenment's message is deep and profound and to read it quickly is like eating Godiva chocolate in one quick swallow. It is to be savored.


Steve Orr - Unsolicited Testimonial

Your writing reminded me of things I had nearly forgotten, miracles that have occurred in my own life. An absolutely beautiful piece of honest and poetic prose.


Clarice J. Mullikin - Amazon Reviewer

Fading Toward Enlightenment has something for everyone. Wayne's photography in itself is a treasure worth the price of the book; but for those who are on this journey, struggling to leave "normal" behind and continually being repossessed through the manipulations of the mind, this book is a supportive rock. I highly recommend Fading Toward Enlightenment.


Pete Sumner - Clear Sight

I believe your book is a forerunner in a new genre that is going to have a great impact on a growing number of readers. The artistic and sensitive association of images and words arising from consciousness is bound to play an important part in the evolution of consciousness.


Catherine Groves, Editor - Christian*New Age Quarterly

I want you to know that your book hit a nerve, made an impression, and is an incredible work.


Jade Ayad - Amazon Reviewer

Fading Towards Enlightenment plays many notes upon our heartstrings; sometimes we hear our own laughter, sometimes our tears. Seekers everywhere can recognize themselves in Wayne and it is this recognition of our self in another that most touches our hearts. Accompanied by striking photography and sprinkled throughout with wisdom gathered through the ages, Fading Towards Enlightenment sheds light on The Path.


Diana H. Demarest - Amazon Reviewer

The honesty and insight in this individual's journey proves that people can change. It is very thought provoking and makes one wonder what is in store for them in their own spiritual journey. The photography is breathtaking and speaks volumes itself. The photos drive the author's message home, making you "feel" his experiences, as well as visualizing them.


Franz Conrads - Amazon Reviewer

A very honest and detailed account of a person's spiritual evolution. Thoughtfully and artfully put together, emphasized with impressive photo art. I would certainly recommend it to the serious seeker.


Doug Coone - Amazon Reviewer

The photos alone make this a most remarkable book. Adding the stories and insights makes this a must have. After reading this book for the third time I find I need to order more copies for the important people in my life.


E. D. Rueschman - Amazon Reviewer

Visually inspirational! The author takes the reader on a unique journey through his eyes. That journey being one of the "seeker" on the path to enlightenment with all of its joys and sorrows through stunning photography accompanied with quotes from some of history's most wise ones.


Chandi - Producer of The World Of Tantra

Remarkable. I could not help but cry when I read your words. You seem to have conveyed what is happening to me.


Marieta Darrah - QigongHealings.com

I am enjoying every bit of Fading Toward Enlightenment. This book is a real treasure and very inspiring. It shows our human and divine nature in motion.