What is the Liquid Level?

In Fading Toward Enlightenment, I define three very broad levels of human consciousness:

  • Solids: These type of people are what most people consider "normal." They probably make up about 95% of the population. They believe that their world, they themselves, and their thoughts are very solid - very real.
  • Ethereals: These are the truly enlightened people, probably about .0005% of the population. They no longer identify with the ego, having seen through the illusion of the individual self. They experience themselves as nothing more and nothing less than pure awareness.
  • Liquids: These are the spiritual seekers and visionary creatives (artists, writers, musicians, etc). Liquids tend to flow back and forth between the two extremes of the Solids and the Ethereals. Probably about 5% of the population.

Some of the traits of a Liquid are that they tend to see beauty where others see ugliness. They find the divine in the simplest aspects of nature. They tend to be more intuitive and receptive to social nuances because their experience of life is flowing and dynamic, having transcended many of the social, cultural and political boundaries that limit their Solid friends and "peers."

The life of the Liquid can be very difficult. Often they are misunderstood or considered social outcasts by a Solid society. Since their experience of the world is so dynamic and ever-shifting, often they will have a difficult time finding others who can relate to them, even their fellow Liquids may not completely understand them, much as two currents in the ocean may not always flow in the same direction.

Fading Toward Enlightenment - though it is the true story of my own quest for inner peace - is really the story of any person who finds themselves at the Liquid level. The questioning of authority, the self-doubts, the loneliness, the confusion, the creative fluids that must be acknowledged lest they tear you apart, the appreciation of the simplest things, and those fleeting moments of oneness with everything.

If you are one of the few who finds themselves living a Liquid Life, then I encourage you to purchase a copy ($24.95) either through my publisher (autographed) or through Amazon. It will help you find comfort in - and appreciation for - this very flowing and dynamic level of awareness.

Though you may be different - you are not alone.


Wayne Wirs
Author/Photographer - Fading Toward Enlightenment